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A car wreck may only last for a split second, but the repercussions of an auto accident can endure for weeks, months or even a lifetime. If you’ve suffered serious injuries in a car crash, you may be facing mounting medical expenses, severe pain and lost wages that you and your family simply can’t afford.

Attorney Gabriel Sepulveda-Sanchez knows what a difficult time this is for you and your family. He understands the physical, emotional and financial strain these types of cases can present and he is committed to fighting on your behalf to cover your losses and achieve justice.

Time is of the essence. If you or someone you love has been hurt in an auto wreck, our car accident attorneys are here to help. Contact Sepulveda Sanchez Law today online or at 213-426-1051 for a complimentary consultation. We serve clients from Los Angeles, East Los Angeles, Pasadena and other California communities. Se habla Español.

Do I Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

If you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury or lost a loved one, you need an experienced lawyer who understands the complexities of California law and knows how to successfully handle cases both in and out of the courtroom.

car accident injury consultation with attorney Gabriel Sepulveda-SanchezInsurers are in the business of making money, not spending it. While insurance companies are quick to collect your premiums every month, most of them will do their best to delay, deny or minimize the value of your claim following an accident. In these situations, it’s important to remember that insurance companies don’t ultimately decide the value of accident claims, juries do. You need the knowledge and skill of a car accident attorney who is prepared to aggressively litigate on your behalf in front of a jury.

At Sepulveda Sanchez Law, we are passionate about helping our clients obtain every penny they deserve. We won’t let you be pressured or intimidated into accepting less than what your claim is truly worth. We will provide you with the legal leverage you need to demand maximum compensation for your losses and we never back down from a fight.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

In the first crucial moments following a motor vehicle accident, the actions you take can significantly affect the strength of your case. First, keep a level head and follow these steps:

  • Check for injuries: Before doing anything else, check if you or any passengers in your vehicle need emergency medical attention. If needed, call 911 immediately. Do not attempt to move passengers who are unconscious or suffering back or neck pain.
  • Contact the police: A police report will allow an insurance adjuster to see that statements made by witnesses and/or certain facts about the accident, are not in their favor. This is an important document which can help resolve your auto accident case. Police reports document the damage, injuries and involved parties in the wreck. They can help to strengthen your case and negotiate your claim. Do not admit fault.
  • Obtain information from the other driver: Get the name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, license plate and insurance information from the other driver.
  • Do not talk to insurance agents: Your insurer will need to be notified about your accident, but wait until you have spoken with our car accident attorney. Sepulveda Sanchez law will speak directly to your insurer and other party’s insurance company. Do not speak with the other party’s insurance company or your own. Remember, even your own insurance company has an interest in delaying and denying your claims potentially.
  • Get medical attention: Seeking medical attention is a good idea after an accident, even if you aren’t sure if you’ve been seriously injured. Doctors can diagnose and treat your injuries before they worsen, and medical records formally document your injuries and can potentially strengthen your case.
  • Call Sepulveda Sanchez Law: If you’ve been hurt in an accident, contact our firm right away. The sooner you call our office, the easier it will be to build a strong and compelling case. Our auto wreck attorney will deal directly with the insurance company so you can focus on your recovery.

Distracted Driving

Any time you take your hands off the wheel, take your eyes off the road or take your mind off the task of driving, you risk the lives and well-being of everyone around you.

Driving demands your full attention. Whenever you divide your attention between driving and anything else, crashes can, and often do, occur. Cell phone use is one of the biggest distractions on the road today, but it isn’t the only one. Other common causes of distracted driving include:

  • Adjusting audio controls
  • Adjusting navigation systems
  • Looking at accidents or other events outside your window
  • Conversations with passengers, particularly emotional or heated interactions
  • Eating or drinking
  • Personal grooming or applying makeup

Driving While Texting

Similar to most cases of distracted driving, accidents that result from texting and driving are preventable. When you text and drive, your driving ability is impaired just as much as if you were operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), if you text and drive, your likelihood of being involved in a crash is 23 times higher than if you kept your eyes on the road. Additionally, the NHTSA estimates that every text takes your eyes away from the task of driving for an average of five seconds. At 55 miles per hour, this is the same as driving blindfolded across an entire football field.

Rear-End Collisions

As California’s most prevalent type of auto accident, rear-end collisions are tragically common and frequently the cause of severe bodily harm and brain injuries. In these types of accidents, the individual who collided into the back of your car is almost always at fault. These wrecks can happen in several ways, most typically because the other driver:

  • Was tailgating or following too close
  • Was speeding
  • Was using a cell phone to talk, text or email
  • Did not adequately adapt to weather conditions such as heavy rain or wet roads

Sepulveda Sanchez Law has extensive experience handling rear-impact collision cases and a successful track record of settlements and verdicts. Call us today to discuss your case for free.

Rollover Car Accidents

According to the NHTSA, SUVs and other vehicles with a high center of gravity like trucks and vans are more likely to rollover in single-car crashes. The injuries suffered in rollover car accidents often result in life-changing injuries, high medical expenses and lost wages.

Rollover accidents are often the result of:

  • Aggressive drivers: Sharp turns, quick lane changes and high speeds can all contribute to a rollover accident.
  • Overloaded vehicles: When vehicles are loaded beyond the weight limit they can safely carry, their centers of gravity are raised and their risk of rolling over is increased.
  • Top-heavy vehicles: Although sedans account for 25 percent of rollovers, SUVs are involved in more than 50 percent.

Call Sepulveda Sanchez Law right away if you’ve been involved in a rollover wreck. We can determine the cause of your crash and the merits of your personal injury claim.

Car Crashes with an Uninsured or Underinsured Driver

California law requires that all drivers have at least liability coverage. If you don’t have insurance, you can be cited for it and be considered a “prop 213” case. If you don’t have liability insurance and someone else causes an accident, you are limited to pursuing only medical expenses. You cannot seek “non-economic damages” (pain and suffering).

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist coverage is not required in California. This can be a bad thing if you are hit by someone with a minimum $15,000 policy or someone with no insurance at all.

It is estimated that one in six drivers in California is uninsured. The experienced car wreck attorneys at Sepulveda Sanchez Law understand the intricacies involved in these complex cases and can fight on your behalf. Contact our office now to schedule your complimentary case evaluation.

Collisions Involving Drunk Drivers

Alcohol-impaired crash fatalities account for almost 30% of all auto wreck deaths. It’s important to note that in these tragic cases, it is possible for several parties, in addition to the intoxicated driver, to be held liable for a drunk driving crash. For example, establishments that serve drunk drivers may share responsibility for the wreck.

Punitive damages may also apply if the other driver is found guilty in criminal court of DUI. Our car accident lawyer will assess every aspect of your case and seek the full and fair compensation you rightfully deserve.

Fatal Car Wrecks

fatal car accidentFew experiences are more heart-wrenching than the unexpected loss of someone you love in a deadly crash. Unfortunately, the NHSTA reports that car wrecks account for almost 40,000 deaths every year, making it the leading cause of death in the U.S.

We know that no monetary settlement can replace your loved one. However, compensation in a wrongful death claim helps you and your family stay financially on track during this difficult time.

Potential compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit can include:

  • End of life expenses, including burial and funeral costs
  • Past physical pain
  • Future physical pain
  • Mental suffering
  • Lost income
  • Lost future benefits
  • Medical bills
  • Lost companionship
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Disfigurement
  • Physical impairment
  • Inconvenience
  • Grief
  • Anxiety
  • Humiliation
  • Emotional distress
  • Punitive damages

A wrongful death case cannot erase the heartache and anger that naturally emerge after someone you love is needlessly ripped from your life. It is meant to keep you from suffering financial hardships while struggling with the emotional devastation of your loss. Wrongful death claims hold defendants accountable for the burden you and your family have been forced to endure.

How Our Auto Accident Lawyers Can Help

Car accident claims are usually very complicated. Without the representation and guidance of a skilled lawyer, you can easily make unintentional errors regarding specific procedures and rules of California law and miss time-sensitive steps that can protect your legal rights.

Even with a successful claim, it’s likely that you will not receive the fair compensation you deserve if you don’t know how to effectively negotiate with insurance companies.

The best car accident lawyers in Los Angeles have experience, knowledge and skill with both auto collision lawsuits and insurance company tactics. At Sepulveda Sanchez Law, we know California law and the varied strategies insurance companies use to delay, devalue or completely deny your accident claim. Our car wreck attorneys are passionate about helping accident victims get the full and fair compensation to which they are entitled.

While no two cases are the same, our auto accident attorneys may be able to help you pursue damages for:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Lost capacity to earn a living
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pain and suffering
  • End of life expenses (in wrongful death claims)

At Sepulveda Sanchez Law, our top priorities are you and your recovery. Let our experienced attorneys focus on the details of your legal process so you can focus exclusively on healing.

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