E-Cigarette Litigation

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Posted: June 10, 2020

Our firm, along with consumers across the country have noticed the craze and popularity of e-cigarettes among American youth. Unfortunately, this increase in demand and popularity has resulted in a dramatic increase of injuries as a result of defects in the electronic cigarette. Batteries contained in the e-cigarette have been known to explode while the user is using the e-cigarette, and also while the e-cigarette is in the users’ personal belongings or pockets. 

Injuries from defective e-cigarettes to consumers have ranged from minor burns to permanent life-changing injuries such as severe burns, loss of teeth, facial burns, loss of tongue, lips and facial lacerations. In addition, metal from the e-cigarette casing has caused shrapnel to be lodged into the user’s cervical spine and head.  

Many consumers do not know where to turn when a loved one or themselves are harmed by these dangerous products. In addition, many consumers do not know who is responsible for their injuries. Is it the retail store? The main manufacturer? Company who produced the battery?  The answer is simple. Your attorney must file a claim or lawsuit against all businesses in the chain of distribution of the e-cigarette. This will include the retail store, and each manufacturer or marketer of every individual part in the device. Each company will be held jointly and severally liable for your injuries.  If you or anyone you know has suffered injury due to a JUUL device or electronic cigarette, please reach out to our firm anytime.  

In addition, our firm recently had an article published in the Advocate Magazine by Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles

The article addresses some of the common issues and pitfalls when figuring out who is responsible for your injuries. If you would like a copy of this article, please e-mail our firm at [email protected]